65 inch Indoor Floor Standing Vertical Interactive Information Digital Signage

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feature of product:

Industrial grade digital signage TFT LCD screen
Embedded Android that operates seamlessly with a variety of free content management systems
Automatic brightness control
Anti-vandal protection, tempered Mohs grade 7 explosion-proof
Independently developed air-cooled temperature control system
Optional infrared touchscreen 10-point interactive glass allows customer interaction
Optional wireless interaction and Bluetooth integration

43 Inch Vertical Digital Signage-2-3
Smart split screen
43 Inch Vertical Digital Signage-2-3
≥350cd/㎡nits brightness
43 Inch Vertical Digital Signage-2-3
Android media player
43 Inch Vertical Digital Signage-2-3
24/7 commercial grade

Designed for indoor activities

It is specially designed for interiors, with a streamlined appearance design, fashionable, simple and elegant. The surface is designed with tempered glass, and the physical tempering reaches Mohs level 7 explosion-proof. The outer frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and has been oxidized to make the surface wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.

Slim yet sturdy design

Easily integrate custom designs from partners and tailor them to a variety of customer needs and settings. From indoor advertising to vertical advertising, vertical digital signage can also be installed and optimized for customers according to industry purposes and uses.

commercial grade

The use of commercial-grade components ensures that the product is designed for its purpose. The LCD panel has a lifespan of up to 70,000 hours, and the air-cooling temperature control system maintains the optimal working temperature of the screen and supports 24/7 continuous use. The ≥350cd/㎡ display screen is several times brighter than a home TV, ensuring visibility in bright or dark environments.
43 Inch Vertical Digital Signage-4

4K board

The 4K card board has high-performance processing power and storage capacity, which can ensure smooth playback of high-definition videos and can adapt to various conditions in the indoor environment, such as temperature changes, humidity, etc. These devices are typically designed to display high-quality advertising content in indoor environments

Mantianxing CMS

Mantianxing CMS is an advertising machine content management system developed by Yoda. Used to manage content on outdoor advertising machines, including uploading, editing, remote control, time planning, statistical analysis and other functions. Realize remote management of the content of multiple vertical advertising machines, effectively improving advertising effects and management efficiency.

Google Play Store

A platform that provides digital content such as applications, games, music, movies, e-books, etc., through which users can easily discover, download and manage various types of applications and media content, while enjoying Google’s security and update management services .
43 Inch Vertical Digital Signage-4

 Product parameters and specifications table


LCD panel

Product configure

Power supply/working environment and others