Mobile Smart Screen

The mobile smart screen can support 180° rotation, and the display method is no longer limited to a single form.

Frameless Design

Fully-screen process design, getting rid of the of traditional borders.

Tempered Glass

Temperature-resistant and explosion-proof

Full Screen

95% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio

Retina-level IPS True Tone Display

AG(Anti-glare glass),AF(Anti-fingerprint-glass) Mohs level 6 tempered glass
  • 16.7M Colors
  • 350cd/m2 Brightness
  • 105% SRGB

Screwless Back Cover

Rear shell

Metal bracket

Metal Bracket Fitting Technology

Screen body
Metal bracket
Metal bracket

Convenient and Easy to Use

Axle Technology

The quick-release structure of the bracket sliding is convenient for separating the base and the screen.

Front and Rear Angle Tilt

Bidirectional movement integrated shaft, meeting the requirements of rotation and front-back tilt adjustment simultaneously.

Rotate Left and Right

Multi-gasket damping shaft can be stopped freely and rotated smoothly.

Lifting & Lowering Rod Technology

Dual strong vortex springs, full of power, stepless lifting Comes with a large capacity lithium battery for long-lasting Bidirectional roller guide, reliable guidance, smooth sliding.

Unique designed base

Comes with a large capacity lithium battery for long-lasting battery life. Hidden universal casters, move at will

Stereo Bass Sound Effect

Immersive audio experience

Dual-channel Eight-array

Stereo Enhanced

Heavy Bass Enhanced

DTS Decode

Speedy and Fluid

From work to play, allow you to use smart screen For more of the things

8 Cores CPU


Android 11 OS

WiFi 2.4-5G Wireless

Multimedia Software Integration

Mobile Smart Screen integrates multimedia software, offering diverse entertainment on one device. Easily access apps, create personalized entertainment, and add more colors to life.

  • Streaming Live
  • Fitness Learning
  • Training Working
  • Gaming Entertainment

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