Wall Mounted Vertical Touch Digital Signage

Sensitively recognize multiple touch phones and quickly complete touch commands

1080P high definition large screen

Digital menu board the colors are exquisite and brilliant, the picture quality is lifelike, and the true colors can be restored under various lighting conditions.




High brightness


Color depth

long service life

Sturdy, wear-resistant, scratch-proof and collision-proof

Anti-glare technology

No glare, no visual fatigue

100% color gamut coverage Gorgeous and stunning

Wide color gamut and accurate color expression

Filter blue light

Protect eyes from damage

Light sensitivity adjustment

Adjust the display according to changes in ambient light

Various installation methods

Wall-mounted advertising machines can be installed in a variety of ways according to different usage scenarios and needs.

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Horizontal and vertical switching

We have designed a rotation on the bracket, which allows for manual rotation of the screen according to the application scenario, and the content will also be rotated accordingly

Versatile connectivity

Dual USB and network interface design, two ways to import content, more convenient and efficient.


Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Outer frame

Made of aluminum alloy material and processed and polished through multiple processes to achieve excellent metal texture

Ultra-thin body

One time molding, 18mm ultra-thin body, simple and atmospheric, integrating metal and slim craftsmanship aesthetics.

178° super wide viewing angle

Every angle of the screen can present true high-definition picture quality without any color difference at the edges.
Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Automatic loop playback

After inserting the USB flash drive, the system will automatically recognize its content and support playback in a variety of different formats. This convenient feature allows users to easily play various types of files on their devices, thereby enhancing user experience and convenience of multimedia applications.
Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Set open close

Wall Mounted Digital Signage


Wall Mounted Digital Signage

plug and play

long lasting

Wall Mounted Digital Signage has the functions of automatically playing ads at scheduled times and switching on and off at scheduled times. At the same time, the equipment can operate continuously and stably 24/7 in a commercial environment, providing a high degree of flexibility and controllability for advertising display and information transmission.

Strong performance and fast response

Even when dealing with multiple tasks, it can respond to your needs in a timely manner.


Storage Size

4 Core



Run Memory

Establish a long-term relationship with Yoda digital signage supplier

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

LCD panel

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Professional factory

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

R & D team

Wall Mounted Digital Signage


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