kiosk Touch Panel

Our premium touch screen displays offer unmatched precision, clarity, and resilience, ideal for rigorous applications with their waterproof, dust-proof build and enduring stability.

Discover Kiosk Touch Panel

Our versatile touch screen kiosk displays, available in various sizes, boost customer engagement in retail and serve as information hubs in hotels, hospitals, galleries, and more. They’re customizable by our flexible and cooperative team for any setting, helping your store stand out from the crowd.

Digital Kiosk Display 32″ Touch Screen


Digital Kiosk Display 43″ Touch Screen


Digital Kiosk Display 49″ Touch Screen


Digital Kiosk Display 55″ Touch Screen

Kiosk Touch Panel Features

Full HD Stunning Vision

  • Using LG+A high-brightness screen, scratch-resistant and anti-slip from multiple angles, it restores the natural and delicate image world.
  • Anti-glare,Light transmittance of 98%

HDR Real-time Conversion Technology

With a pixel density of 1920 x 1080P, by adjusting saturation and dynamic luminescence compensation, ordinary images can also achieve HDR display effects

3D/MPEG Dual Noise Reduction

Primary Color Picture Display

Contrast Ratio Enhancement

SDR (Normal Image Quality)
HDR (Image Quality Enhancement)

Multi-touch,smooth interaction

Infrared touch technology supports multi-person simultaneous operation,with fast response, sensitive reaction, and extraordinary experience.

Touch gesture

Intelligent Query,Within Reach

  • Powerful Merchant
  • Deep Authentication
  • Quality Assurance

Enhanced Performance

Optional Android or Windows modules will enhance the performance and reliability of the operating system. The Android module provides a direct human-machine inter-action method, while the PC module will provide higher security, wider compatibility,and stronger performance.

Optional Android /Windows

Kiosk Touch Panel Application Scenario

Digital and touch screen kiosks can be used anywhere to engage potential customers and provide an interactive and informational experience about your company or products. Ideal for trade shows, marketing, retail, hospital, hotel and more.

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