OLED Transparent Display

Leading OLED technology

Ultra-Thin Transparent Screen

With proper light effects, transparent display can produce AR/R effects, the ultra-thin screen and
transparent panel provide the basis for flexible design.

As Thin As Paper

The screen is framed with tempered glass, and the pane
thickness is only 12mm.

Transparent Panel

Using advanced OLED technology, the transmittance of the screen can reach up to 40%.

Full-Color High-Definition Display

Equipped with high dynamic image quality enhancement technology, the OLED transparent display enhances brightness.details in dark areas, and accurate color reproduction.

100% sRGB

1 billion Colors

1920*1080 FHD

Self-Luminous Panel

The OLED transparent screen adopts a self-luminous panel, which can achieve extremely high contrast and clearer double-sided display. At the same time, its response speed is very fast, which can realize fast dynamic display and avoid the problems of trailing and blurring.

IPS Tempered Glass

0.001MS Response Time

400/150cd/m2 Brightness

100,000 :1 Contrast Ratio

High-Quality Audio

lt is equipped with 8-array 2-channel audio playback, and the all-round stereo surround can provide clear and bright sound effects.

Dolby Decoding

IMAX Enhanced

Stereo Audio Effects

8Q5W * 2 Loudspeaker

High-Quality Image

Enable the screen to present a truly consistentand perfect image quality from every angle,without any color difference even at the edgesachieve a display effect that is truly identical tothe front image quality.

High Resolution | Low Blue Light

Powerful Quad-Core Processor

Using the RK3288 processor it has the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption, restoring the best state of the image and using more smoothly.

Free Assembly

lt can be spliced into an ultra-large size screen, realizing high-resolution display, and providing clear and delicate images.

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