Double Sided Digital Display

Ultra-thin double-sided window displays, sun-readable for outward-facing use, offer exceptional value and unparalleled technical support.

Introduction To Our Dual Sided Window Displays

Double Sided Window Displays

43” Double-Sided Double Digital Display

Double Sided Window Displays

49” Double-Sided Double Digital Display

Double Sided Window Displays

55” Double-Sided Double Digital Display

Double Sided Digital Display Features

Enhance window displays with dual broadcasting for both inward and outward content.

Double Sided Window Displays

Double-Sided Display

Both sides of the high-definition screen have a brightness of 700NITS, which can still be displayed clearly even in high environmental brightness.

ADSDS Panel Technology

1080*1920 HD Display

1200:1 Contrast Ratio

700Nits Brightness

1.07 Billion Colors

HD resolution delivers a crisp visual experience can restore various color displays.

HDR Decode

205% Color gamut

207W Pixel

60Hz Refresh rate

Noise Reduction Anti-Glare

It is not afraid of strong light shining directly on the screen, ensuring that the content is always clearly visible.

  • 90% Screen Ratio
  • UV Anti-glare

Sleek Metallic Frame With Ultra-thin Border Integrated Process Design

  • 2MM Metal Frame
  • 30MM Thickness

Cloud Based Messaging Management System

Cloud Storage

Upload materials to the cloud for permanent storage and help you complete all commands, executing everything in the cloud.

Too many functions and toolboxes, simple and easy to use.


Regularly turning on and off programs to save time and effort.

Multi Split Screen Playback

Custom split screen, multiple split screens playing simultaneously.

Stereo Sound That Surrounds

Powerful stereo speakers deliver rich, forceful sound while preserving sound details for a layered audio experience.

  • Dolby & DTS Double Decoding
  • IMAX Enhanced

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