elevator advertising display

Advertising covers a wide range of areas, targets various consumer groups, and achieves remarkable results. No matter how the season, climate or time changes, you can maintain good advertising effectiveness.


Elegant and slim, suitable for any usage scenario

Specifically designed for elevator advertising

Perfectly grow your advertising network


1080P HD display

The high-definition screen presents clear and detailed pictures with bright and vivid colors, creating a pleasant visual experience, allowing you to enjoy the colorful pictures.

178° wide viewing angle

Viewed from various angles such as side, top, and top view, the screen details are clear, the colors are fidelity, and the wide viewing angle ensures that you can get a high-quality visual experience at any position.

Quality in every detail

The novel and stylish LCD tempered display uses a durable safety lock design and a protective vent design to make it safer and more reliable. The high-efficiency working mode ensures its stable operation and provides you with an excellent user experience.

Smart multi-screen, play as much as you want

Supports a variety of split-screen modes, which can display videos, pictures, text and other content at the same time to meet your different display needs.

Remote publishing quality management

Announcement content can be updated and managed in a variety of ways, including network updates, network cable connections, WiFi, 3G/4G, and remote release and other connection methods.



Almost every shopping mall or large store is equipped with an elevator, and the elevator becomes the final communication place for customers during their shopping process. It’s at this point that you still have the opportunity to change people’s minds with an offer they can’t refuse.


The use of flexible office spaces has increased significantly over the past decade. As a result, flexibility in building signage becomes increasingly important as they may need to be changed on a daily or even hourly basis. Therefore, digital solutions with the help of real-time linked data integration become a key component of today’s smart buildings.

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