24 Inch LED Monitor

24 inch LCD monitor

24 inch LCD monitor supports 1080p resolution, native resolution is 1920×1080, 250cd/m², and supports 2K resolution 60Hz display through the HDMI1.4 interface.

main feature :

◎ Model: ZX238BOZX-JS05
◎ Available 24/7
◎ Adopt LED backlight LCD panel
◎ High resolution (1920×1080)
◎ Multiple language options
◎ USB multimedia playback (photo/music/video/text)
◎ Automatic standby and automatic wake-up
◎ 3D noise reduction
◎ Stereo audio

HD display, 1920X1080 resolution, 250cd/m², 178° viewing angle (22 inches)

The 24 inch high-definition display has high image quality and color reproduction, can accurately present image details, can run stably and work 24 hours a day, has a 14ms response time, and can quickly display effects. It is suitable for various scenes, such as conference rooms, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. Universities, industrial parks, etc.


High brightness makes the picture vivid

In bright environments, it can clearly present real details and improve color performance, making the picture more colorful.
24 Inch LED Monitor
24 Inch LED Monitor

24×7 hours continuous and stable operation

It has excellent stability and can resist electromagnetic interference, ensuring that your monitoring operation is smooth and your work is more efficient.

Wide viewing angle provides the ultimate experience

With a wide 178-degree viewing angle, the picture is still clearly visible even if you view it from the side, allowing you to get an excellent visual experience no matter where you are.
24 Inch LED Monitor