Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Light luxury wine cabinet spatial aesthetics

High Definition Display

Using OLED independent pixel light control panel technology, RWBY four primary colors with more than 1,050,000 self-luminous pixels it has more accurate light control ability presenting a more vivid and distinct picture.

Double-sided Anti-glare

The surface of the wine cabinet’s glass door adopts the AF/AG process, which effectively eliminates the impact of glare. The double-sided display OLED self-luminous panel is more distinctive.

OLED Dual-Sided Display

Using advanced OLED technology, the transmittance of the screen can reach up to 45%, Brightness at 350(Peak) /135(Normal)cd/m2.

Surface AF/AG Process

Using 4mm ultra-clear tempered glass, the surface is treated with AF/AG process, which perfectly presents vivid and delicate images and eliminates the impact of glare.

Stereo Audio Effect

Stereo can allow listeners to feel the layers of the sound source there by better appreciating the details and changes of the music.

Powerful Quad-Core Processor

Using the RK3288 processor,it has the characteristics of high performance power consumption,restoring the best state of the image and using more smoothly.

Mali-T764 Ultra-strong CPU


1.8 Hz Frequency

H.265 Software Decoding

Stereoscopic Dual Cold Air

Built-in dual-drive air-cooled circulation system, 360-degree surround wrapping, and dual-effect combination effectively maintains the uniform temperature of red wine
1-10°C Temperature Control l Air-cooled Without Frost

Compressor Cooling System for Wine Cabinet Digital Signage

Stable and controllable, ensuring ideal temperature; efficient cooling, preserving quality; versatile, meeting diverse needs; long-term stability, supporting extended storage; precise control, providing optimal storage conditions.
Compressor cooling

Uniform cooling, small temperature fluctuation, and durable.

Chip cooling

Large temperature fluctuation, high failure rate, and short service life.

Efficient Refrigeration

Stable Performance

Energy-saving Design

Low-noise Design

Wine Cabinet Digital Signage OLED Touch Screen

Responsive touch functionality for adjusting wine cabinet temperature, volume, and selecting playback songs.

Unique Design Style

The exterior design of the wine cabinet is themed on simplicity and elegance. It adopts a high-end metal baking varnish shell a black and silver border, creating a noble and steady atmosphere.

Integrated Border Design

The appearance adopts a full-fit and integrated design, reducing the risk of loose or falling off of the, and increasing the stability and reliability of the display.

Hinge Door Structure

Compared to the chain structure, it can be rotated and opened by 220° which makes accessing red wine easier.

Metal Bracket

The inside uses a metal bracket that is sturdy durable, not prone to deformation, and resistant to wear and tear.

Gemstone Yellow Warm Light Source

Soft warm light LED lamp, the gentle and peaceful light does not disturb the sleep of red wine and cares for you who come back late.

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