outdoor digital signage, indoor digital signage

Outdoor Digital Signage VS Indoor Digital Signage

Author:Yoda . 01/17/2024

Both outdoor digital signage and indoor digital signage are new types of advertising media. As the name suggests, apart from the difference in usage scenarios between outdoor and indoor, what are the differences in their functions and features?


Outdoor digital signage are installed outdoors, and the working environment is harsh, so the technical requirements are higher. First of all, it must meet the functions of dustproof, waterproof, anti-theft, and anti-corrosion, so that the advertising machine can work normally in bad weather. The thickness of all sheet metal materials is thicker than that of the indoor advertising machine. AR laminated tempered glass, and the material strength is high enough, not easy to damage. The indoor advertising machine is different. The workplace it is in is relatively stable, and there are not so many environmental requirements. The indoor advertising machine can use ordinary tempered glass,and it can meet the functions of display and playback.


outdoor digital signage, indoor digital signage

Since the outdoor light is brighter, the brightness requirements for the display of outdoor digital signage are also higher. In addition, it is necessary to use “anti-glare” technology to avoid mirroring the display effect of the display. Since indoor brightness is not as high as outdoor, the technical requirements for brightness are also reduced.

In the strong light environment, the screen brightness of the outdoor LCD advertising machine is 1000-3000 lumens, and with automatic light sensing, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to the strong light of the environment, and the brightness of the indoor advertising machine is 250-450 lumens, and no highlighting is required at all .


There is no difference in function between outdoor advertising machine and indoor advertising machine, but there is a big difference in structure. Outdoor advertising machine is used in the whole outdoor environment. Due to the influence of weather and climate, the complexity of the internal structure and accessories of outdoor advertising machine is higher than that of  ordinary indoor advertising machine.

The internal structure of the two is different. Whether it is an outdoor LCD digital signage or an outdoor touch-controlled all-in-one, the internal structure is very complicated. The interior needs to be equipped with industrial precision air conditioners and intelligent temperature-controlled fan cooling systems. There are many components inside the chassis, while indoor digital signage has no need to consider these, as long as the cooling space is reasonably designed, and the internal structure is simple, so both indoor LCD digital signage and indoor touch screen all-in-one machines can achieve ultra-thin and ultra-narrow borders, but all outdoor LCD digital signage cannot.

Power Supply

Due to technical and functional differences, outdoor digital signage have greater power requirements, and therefore require a more stable power supply.

outdoor digital signage, indoor digital signage


The usage scenario of the indoor advertising machine is relatively stable, not easy to be damaged, and there are fewer factors to consider during production, so the cost is relatively low. The environment that outdoor digital signage facing is relatively harsh, and the demand for performance is higher. Outdoor digital signage are higher than indoor digital signage in terms of structural materials and technical requirements, so the production cost is often higher than that of indoor digital signage. More, it can even reach several times the price of the same size indoor advertising machine.

Usage Frequency

Indoor digital signage are generally used in shopping malls, shops, exhibition halls and other places, and are usually turned off after the relevant personnel get off work. The outdoor advertising machine needs to promote the content no matter day or night, and it operates 24 hours a day.

When choosing and purchasing digital signage, you must have a sufficient understanding of the scenario and environment you are putting into use, and choose appropriate products, so that the effect of publicity can be better.

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