LCD Video Wall

Take you into the visual world of Video Wall

Introducing Our LCD Video Wall

Our LCD video walls covers a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies.

46” LCD Video Wall


49” LCD Video Wall


55” LCD Video Wall


65” LCD Video Wall

The Sense of Space and Immersion is Greatly Enhanced, Making the Picture More Realistic and Vivid

4K High Definition Details,Clearly Presented

rich and gorgeous colors, presented in a riot of colors, clear and smooth playback.


High Luminance


Contrast ratio

HDR Technology Distinct Layers

Support HDR and low Blue Light, The contrast between light and dark, as well as the layers of the image, are more intense.


High Luminance


Contrast ratio

16.7 Million Colors Open Up A Splendid Vision

The 1080p FHD resolution provides a clear visual experience, it pres-ents clearer image quality in detail


Screen grade


Reducing light reflection

High Contrast

5 times contrast improvement

Simultaneous Screen Casting, Real-time Sharing

Mobile device synchronization display, enabling real-time sharing and
seamless switching of demonstrations.

Phone/USB Stick

Multi-device Screen Mirroring


Quick response

Intelligent Back-light Adjustment Function

  • Remote control screen brightness
  • Remote control resolution
  • Remote control contrast
  • Remote control back light type
Intelligent sensing of the light intensity of the environment and real-time images can automatically adjust the backlight luminance and the luminance and contrast of the image on the screen.

Surround Sound

Two powerful 10W stereo speakers provide rich and powerful sound while retaining sound details, creating a layered audio experience.
  • Built-in speaker
  • 10W * 2
  • CVC Noise Reduction
    Technology. Shock abstention, sound absorption and sound insulation,all in one

LCD Video Wall Ultra-Low Power

The screen has low power consumption and durability, supports normal display,and is en-ergy-saving and environmentally friendly.

7*24 hours

Continuous boot

Energy-saving Mode

Low decibels

No Driver Required, Plug and Play

When there aren’t enough interfaces, I’m all you need, Compatible with multiple operating systems, just plug and use.

Thinner, Lighter, and Easier Installed

The ultra-thin body is designed for installation environments with limited space. It is very suitable for wall-mounted installation with no space on the back. Because it is very lightweight, only a few mounting screws are required. Therefore, even non-professionals can easily operate.


Physicaljoining seams

Thin Body


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