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Distributor wanted – We are not only position as an original manufacturer but devoted to integrated R&D, Design, Produce, Sales , Stock and Delivery products and solutions to global customers. Since 2016, we established our own brand and trademark “YODA” and start to marketing and deploying in the global market and have gained well approval by many partners & customers from all over the world.

During the term of exclusive distributor agreement, distributor shall have the right to indicate to the public that it is an authorized Distributor of YODA and to advertise , promote and sell such YODA’s Products under the trademarks and product’s names within the agreement’s territory.

Distributor shall use its best efforts to promote the Products and maximize the sale of the Products in the Territory, shall also provide reasonable “after sale” support to Product purchasers and to win the goodwill of the Company & brand in the Territory.
We are a professional OEM manufacturer, welcome to send us designs for sampling.
We can turn your ideas into customized, fully personalized OEM solutions,from module assembly to whole machine assembly and inspection. The biggest advantage of this business model is that we have integrated the whole supply chain and have more advantages in cost control so that we can offer competitive prices while achieving mass production.

We can provide ODM service as well. It is available various free designs for choosing.
Also we can support to go from developing new complete machines (hardware design, solution integration, and software development), to model derivation, product certification, mass production, material component processing and customization of optical materials.

So, If you want an unbranded experience, our OEM-ready technology can offers a fast, market-proven, and regulatory-approved solution right out of the box.

If you want rebrand-ready products, we can support you to create a better customer experience with your own brand and make the experience and solutions your own.

Service Advantages

  • Quick response within hours
  • On-line training and Guide
  • Supporting to share operation images and videos
  • Technical support on time
  • Complying with industry-specified spare parts index can quickly solve problems caused by human or other factors.

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