Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Outdoors, seize every gaze!
Let your brand be everywhere.

Outdoor Digital Signage Displays Features

With Yoda, captivate your audience day and night, indoors or out, with durable outdoor digital signage displays that work tirelessly to showcase your message.

digital signage display outdoor

High-definition And Ultra-bright Display

The ultra-high-brightness display, combined with the use of AR/AG glass can be watched normally in strong light, ensuring that the picture is clear and distinguishable, and enhancing the visibility of advertisements.
  • 2000/3500cd/m2 Display Brightness
  • 1300:1 Contrast Ratio

High Transparent Tempered Glass. Beautiful and High Quality

The tempered glass is transparent and has no pores. lt comes with a 3C safety certification as standard, and can easily handle accidental glass breakage.

Tempered glass

Ordinary glass

High strength
Thermal stability

Galvanized Metal Shell Process, High Temperature Spray Treatment

The shell is welded from aluminum alloy, which makes it more sturdy and lightweight as a whole. ln addition, the surface is sprayed with special out-door paint. The spray paint will not come off for more than 6 years.

Six Protective Functions, IP65 Rating

This product is corrosion-resistant, highly resistant to interference, lightning-proof, dust-proof, theft-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof, etc, and is suitable for any out-door environment, working 24 hours a day.

Cloud Based Messaging Management System

Cloud Storage

Upload materials to the cloud for permanent storage and help you complete all commands, executing everything in the cloud.

Too many functions and toolboxes, simple and easy to use.


Regularly turning on and off programs to save time and effort.

Multi split screen playback

Custom split screen, multiple split screens playing simultaneously.

Various sizes available

Available in a variety of sizes from 32to 65 inches, including small sizes suitable for narrow spaces, medium sizes suitable for plazas and parks, and large sizes to attract the eye from farther away. Taking into account the complexity of the specific display content, the distance of the audience and the surrounding environment, the size can also be customized to meet the needs to ensure the advertising effect.

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