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Unlocking Educational Potential: Harnessing Interactive Panels for Classroom Learning

Discover the power of interactive panels & education technology for your classroom. Enhance learning with our cutting-edge classroom technology today!
smart interactive board

65″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

smart interactive board

75″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

smart interactive board

86″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

smart interactive board

98″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

smart interactive board

105″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

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110″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

Empowering Educators with Interactive Display Solutions

For the teacher, structuring, planning and saving lessons is made easier

Make the learning process more fun, with applications that “gamify” the pedagogical scenarios.

Offer teachers the opportunity to diversify their teaching scenarios and enable students to learn better.

Maximizing Classroom Efficiency with Interactive Flat Panel

Write with Precision

20-point stylus writing, recognition accuracy 1mm, supporting real-time writing, marking and drawing for interactive display.

Notes adjustable

Rich colors

Intelligent Education Whiteboard

The digital whiteboard function brings you an immersive teaching experience.
Interactive Flat Panel

Intelligent Illustration

Click the background setting to provide a wide range of illustration options.
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Four-line Grid

Open the grid window module
and automatically recognize
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Smart Form

Select any screen area, hold your finger and drag to resize and insert the table into the whiteboard
Intelligent Education Whiteboard


Click on the mind map to form and you can freely add and move branch positions,and enter content in the grid
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Infinite Canvas

Adjust the canvas size freely, allowing your creativity to go freely
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Writing Function

After clicking the writing function icon,the written text is automatically recognized and generate into standard text
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Split Screen Function

Whiteboard writing screen splitting (can be divided into:2, 3, 4 split screens), collaborative work
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Search and Drag

Hold down the picture on the web page,and it will be automatically copied to the whiteboard

Multi-functional Teaching Toolbox

Interactive Flat Panel

Custom Icons

Set up a shortcut button to open the application.
Interactive Flat Panel

Annotation Function

Annotation shortcut button, multiple functions options for you to choose from.
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Easy Operation

The screen operations of Android will be re-corded for convenient after-class practice.

HD Image Processing Engine

Image Motion Compensation (HDR), color enhancement processing, and point-to-point display technology enable students to be more engaged in the classroom

Tempered Glass Leaving No Trace

The surface has compressive stress, which First withstands the surface stress when subjected to external forces, thereby improving the bearing capacity.
  • High temperature resistance
  • Strong bearing capacity
  • Anti-scratch
Interactive Flat Panel

Take Care of Your Eye Health

Anti-glare technology reduces the reflection and flicker of the screen, enhances the clarity of the screen display,reduces eye fatigue,and improves learning efficiency and concentration.
  • Blocking harmful blue light (360-430mm)
  • Strong bearing capacity (430-450mm)
smart interactive board
Anti blue-ray

RGO class no hazarc


Stroboscopic depth <0.1%

3C certification

Comply with the EU CE standard

Multi-tasking Parallel

Students’ diverse learning outcomes are shared with teachers through multiple windows of the educational tablet.With the functions of moving selecting,and zooming, everything is clear at a glance.
smart interactive board

Help Each Other, Collaborate Together

Switch between Dual Systems At Will

Optional Android or Windows modules will enhance the performance and reliability of the operating system.Through personalized tools,it can adapt to the learning styles of more students and complete tasks efficiently.
Android | Windows
smart interactive board

Wireless Screen Casting

The wireless screen casting feature of the smart interactive board allows users to effortlessly share and display content without the hassle of cumbersome cables. Through simple device pairing, it enables quick projection, facilitating real-time collaboration and smoother presentation experiences.
9-screen collaboration | Reverse control
smart interactive board

Multi Extension

By projecting the content of the laptop onto the educational tablet through the HDMl interface, it is equipped with rich interfaces,easily expanding the use of multiple scenarios,making teachers and students more comfort-able in the classroom.
  • Transmission rate 10Gbps (USB 3.0. TYPE-C)
  • Strong compatibility
Interactive Flat Panel

The Piercing
Power of Sound

A full-scale auditory feast: every note in the classrooms is not missed.
  • 8 Array Microphones
  • Double speaker 15W*2
Intelligent Education Whiteboard
Intelligent Education Whiteboard

Gain More Perspectives

Whether at the podium or beside the desks, the cameras can detect in all directions,providing strong support for teaching management.
  • 180 degree wide Angle lens
  • 13MP/48MP

smart interactive board makes learning fun and progress easier

There are many learning and education software, such as classroom presentation PPT, course activity interaction, and music software, which greatly enhance the interest and vitality of learning.
Interactive Flat Panel,smart interactive board

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