Touch Screen Fitness Mirror

Smart fitness room mirrors make exercising more stylish
Private class of Al
Casting videos to a screen
Gamified fitness

High Definition Quality, Comfortable Viewing

The touch screen fitness mirror displays clear images, making long-distance exercise and fitness no longer blurred, and allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasure of sports.

1920 * 1080 FHD

16.7 Million colors

Brightness 350cd/m2

Contrast ratio 1100:1

Beautiful and Sturdy

High transparency tempered glass, both beauty and quality online, copper-free mirror plated with passivization agent protective film, effectively prevent fingerprints and scratch-es, and provide an excellent experience.

Made of High-quality Materials

The brushed profile gives the product a delicate appearance. Each line has undergone a fine brushing treatment, enhancing the product’s scratch resistance and showcasing a unique metallic texture.

A Treasure Trove of Smart Life

Watch videos, ask for weather and encyclopedias, set alarms and reminders with many functions and more ways to play, waiting for you to explore.

Embark On A different Fitness Journey

Various unique ways of exercising, experiencing the connection between the body and the mind, we can all achieve it.

Voice Control

Humanized Al voice interaction function, freeing your hands.

Smart Home Life Service

Menu items can be selected by gesture control oper-ations to perform the required category operations.

Gamified Fitness, An Exciting Adventure

Fitness is as enjoyable as playing games, easily getting rid of procrastination. With intelligent Al motion detection, scores and calorie consumption are clear at a glance, making fitness more motivated.

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