Interactive Flat Panel

Brand new Yoda! Affordable interactive flat panel displays are now available!

Author:Yoda . 05/08/2024

In the digital age, smart technology is everywhere, and Yoda has been committed to bringing you a smarter and more efficient work experience. We are proud to announce the arrival of the new Yoda interactive flat panel display! It’s not just a tablet, it’s a powerful assistant for your work, study, and creation.

Smart experience at your fingertips

One of the biggest highlights of the Yoda interactive flat panel display is its ultra-high touch accuracy, which reaches an astonishing ±1mm! Whether it’s a business presentation in the conference room or interactive teaching in the classroom, you can easily complete operations with unparalleled touch accuracy and express your creativity and ideas.
Interactive Flat Panel

Zero lamination technology, the picture is clearer and more realistic

Yoda interactive flat panel displays use state-of-the-art zero-bonding technology to bring you a simpler, smoother operating experience. Effectively reduces reflection and glare, making the picture clearer and more realistic. Whether in a brightly lit environment or a dark place, users can clearly see the content on the screen, enjoy a more comfortable visual experience, and greatly improve work efficiency and communication effects.

Immersive sound effects, immersive

8Ω 20W*2 integrated dual speakers bring you an immersive sound experience. Whether you are watching film and television works or conducting online meetings, you can enjoy clear and lifelike audio effects, as if you were on the scene, allowing you to focus more on the experience and enjoyment of the content.

Exclusive appearance design, showing personality charm

The Yoda interactive tablet has a unique appearance design that highlights its personalized charm. Its appearance has been carefully designed to be both fashionable and practical, and can be perfectly integrated into various occasions, giving users a unique visual experience.
Interactive Flat Panel

Personalized customization to show your taste

Yoda interactive flat panel displays don’t just perform, they can be customized to fit your individual needs. Whether it is color, size or design, it can be personalized according to your preferences and needs, making your device unique and highlighting your personal taste and style.

Factory order, quality assurance

Yoda has advanced production technology and strict quality control system, and can accept factory orders and provide you with customized services. We will ensure that every product has undergone strict quality inspection to provide you with the most reliable and stable product quality, so that you can purchase and use it with confidence.

Yoda’s new affordable interactive flat panel display not only has ultra-high touch accuracy and advanced zero-bonding technology, but also has immersive sound effects and personalized customized services. Welcome to contact us for more details, and let Yoda start a smart future with you! Contact us now

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