110 Inch Interactive Flat Panel

Level 7 Mohs explosion-proof glass, AG anti-glare glass
Slim and ultra-narrow design; resolution 3840*2160 HD
High-precision infrared touch-20-point touch writing
Easily and wirelessly share up to 8 devices

Smart pen writing, smooth Android 9.0/Windows10 system

Business version

Suitable for various meeting occasions to improve online collaboration efficiency.

Educational Edition

Collaborate seamlessly during presentations or interactive classes.


Free up space for collaboration

Intelligent electronic whiteboard

The ultra-high-definition display not only provides clear visibility from all angles, but also supports functions such as single-touch, multi-touch movement, two-finger zoom, and more. You can also choose different writing styles according to your needs, including thick and thin fonts, to meet various needs.

Wireless screencasting

The wireless screen projection function enables multi-device sharing and provides a sharing experience for up to 8 devices. Through wireless screen sharing and multi-screen interaction, you can easily achieve one-click screencasting, making your work more efficient.

4k ultra high resolution

The 110-inch interactive tablet offers stunning 4K resolution, greatly enhancing the quality of your meetings/education. High-definition visuals and precise detail allow you to present with unprecedented clarity and gain more advantages in precise collaboration.

Smooth integrated communication

The Yoda 110 Inch Interactive Flat Panel features powerful speakers and an 8-microphone array, ensuring you enjoy a seamless communication experience during any video conferencing and teaching presentation with keen background noise detection and noise reduction.

Hardware and software support customization

Provides personalized settings for static or dynamic wallpaper, LOGO and animated theme switching, and supports screen saver sleep to save energy. In addition, it supports wired Ethernet connection and is compatible with both Android and built-in PC systems.

Easily integrate into various collaborative environments

joint office

meeting room

smart classroom

A close partner for interactive flat panel displays

Operating the OPS module

Removable open modules designed for interactive panels.

Wireless screen sharing

Instantly share your computer screen with one click

smart pen

Compatible with Android and Windows.

mobile stand

Flexible mobile interactive tablet for meetings/classrooms anytime, anywhere.


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