98-inch ultra-high definition commercial monitor

4k ultra high definition resolution

The ultra-high-definition display with a resolution of 3840×2160 has four times the resolution of Full HD, providing users with a stunning viewing experience and presenting vivid, clear and delicate immersive images.

Slim design

The ultra-thin design allows it to be easily installed against a wall. This not only improves the immersion when viewing, but also adds a more modern and elegant design to the installation space, making the overall decoration even better.

Simultaneous projection and real-time sharing

With synchronized display on mobile devices, you can instantly share and seamlessly switch presentation content. This feature allows you to connect your mobile device to the display and easily share your content.

Available 24/7

Whether for a retailer driving new sales or a transportation hub ensuring travelers get on time, clear messaging is key to success. The 98-inch display helps businesses achieve these goals with eye-catching ultra-high-definition images, extensive connectivity options, and sustained 24/7 performance.

Multi-screen split screen and area display

This display supports multi-screen split screen and regional display, providing users with a more flexible and efficient operating experience. Through the multi-screen split screen function, users can display multiple screens at the same time to achieve multi-tasking and improve work efficiency. The area display function allows users to divide the screen into different areas and display different content respectively to meet a variety of information display needs.

Ultra-high brightness screen display

Let every picture shine with dazzling brilliance. Whether in a bright outdoor environment or an indoor place with insufficient light, it can maintain the clarity of the picture and the vividness of the colors, making every detail clearly visible.

Dual integrated speakers

It adopts a dual integrated speaker design, which perfectly combines amazing screen performance with stereo sound effects, bringing users an immersive multimedia experience. Users can not only enjoy clear and lifelike pictures, but also be immersed in stereo surround sound effects, and enjoy the shock and fun brought by audio-visual content.

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