Conference Interactive Flat Panel

Revolutionize Your Conference Experience with Interactive Flat Panels: A New Vision for Boundless Collaboration and Enhanced Freedom

Inbuilt microphone

Conference Interactive Panel

interactive flat panel

65″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

interactive flat panel

75″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

interactive flat panel

86″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

interactive flat panel

98″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

interactive flat panel

105″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

interactive flat panel

110″ Classroom Interactive Flat Panel

Empowering Smart Building Centers with Our Conference Interactive Flat Panel Solutions


Conference Interactive Flat Panel is Designed for Remote Collaboration

An efficient all-in-one device that provides intuitive interaction and excellent audio and video performance. For local and teleconference meetings, attendees can immediately visualize their ideas as if they were physically present in the meeting.

4K Bring the Details of the Picture into Life

4K is the default resolution of the interactive conference tablet, with image motion compensation (HDR), color enhancement processing and point-to-point display technology, providing a natural and comfortable viewing experience.
General display
Ultra high definition 4K display

Anti-glare Tempered Glass

High strength, anti-glare, scratch resistance, anti-fingerprint, tempered glass significantly reduces the in-tensity of light, makes it more scratch-resistant, and also helps protect eyesight under strong light changes.

Mohs grade 7 hardness | Anti-fingerprint coating

Smart Whiteboard, Write as You Wish

Equipped with an infrared touch screen and 20 sensitive touch points, it supports whiteboard recording, gesture wiping, circle selection and dragging, copy or delete, insert images, add pages and other functions.

Writing with 1mm precision | Multiple touch gestures | Sweep the content away

Multiple Positions, Free Commenting

The commenting feature supports multi-person real-time collaboration, allowing participants to jointly annotate, discuss, and modify content on the same screen, with simple and easy-to-use operations.

One-click Sharing,Seamless Compatibility

Computers, mobile phones, and tablets can wireless project the screen to the conference tablet making information sharing convenient and efficient, and can be used by four participants at the same time.

4-screen collaboration | Do Not Disturb mode | Reverse control

Don’t Miss the Video Conference

The video cloud conference brings collaboration to zero distance.

Communication with Zero Distance

With eight-array built-in microphones and intelligent noise reduction, everyone can enjoy echo-free communication.
  • Integrated dual speakers
  • 8Ω 15W*2

See Further and Hear Clearer

180-degree wide-angle lens, 8-meter sound pickup distance.
  • AI Auto face tracking
  • Supports auto focus
  • 13MP/48MP

Multi-function Docking Station

The whiteboard interactive includes HDMl and TYPE-C interfaces. By connecting the laptop to the conference tablet through HDMl, the content of the computer screen can be projected onto the conference tablet. At the same time, it is equipped with more abundant interfaces, which can easily expand various application scenarios.

Carry audio, video, and touch signals | High transmission rate

Upgrade your conference room with our cutting-edge Interactive Display.