86 Inch interactive tablet

This interactive flat panel display integrates high-resolution display, touch interaction and versatility, and provides advanced connectivity options, including wireless screen sharing, giving users a more convenient and flexible experience.

Business version

Suitable for various meeting occasions to improve online collaboration efficiency.

Educational Edition

Collaborate seamlessly during presentations or interactive classes.


Android 13/Windows 10 OS

4K HD quality

remote connection

Zero sticker technology


Extended screen HDMI

Ultra HD display

The 4K ultra-high-definition display effect is presented, and the picture is delicate and lossless. Built-in video processing function supports random splicing and switching of images. The brightness and color temperature are adjustable, 100% image restoration, providing you with a high-definition visual experience.

20-point multi-touch and dual pen

Using fingers or dual-ended touch pens, multiple users can draw and annotate on the touch screen at the same time, making mind mapping and brainstorming more intuitive and easy to operate, as if using a whiteboard.

13MP HD camera

It adopts panoramic shooting technology, built-in high-definition image processing engine, supports image motion compensation and color enhancement, achieves point-to-point accurate display, and presents you with clear and smooth pictures.

Wireless connections

Compatible with Android and Apple phones, tablets, laptops and other devices, it can present stable and smooth screen mirroring images to meet your display needs.

Connect remotely and visit the site in person

It has a 13MP HD camera to make remote meetings more vivid. Integrated 8 microphone arrays, supporting echo cancellation, background noise suppression and gain compensation, with a maximum sound pickup range of 8 meters.

A close partner for interactive flat panel displays

Operating the OPS module

Removable open modules designed for interactive panels.

Wireless screen sharing

Instantly share your computer screen with one click

smart pen

Compatible with Android and Windows.

mobile stand

Flexible mobile interactive tablet for meetings/classrooms anytime, anywhere.

Establish long-term cooperative relationships with smart whiteboard suppliers

LCD panel

Professional factory

R & D team


Application industry






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