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Author:Yoda . 01/18/2024

ISE 2024 (Integrated Systems Europe 2024) is set to kick off on January 30, 2024, in Barcelona. As the world’s most important professional audio-visual equipment and information system integration technology exhibition, ISE 2024 is a focal point in the industry. Yoda, marking its debut at the first major international expo of 2024, will showcase a range of flagship products and cutting-edge technological solutions. We are gearing up to welcome global customers and audiences with a fresh perspective, presenting a stunning visual feast.


Sneak Peek at Yoda’s Showcase Products:

23.6inch Round LCD Display:

Featuring a unique circular design with a 23.6-inch screen diameter, this display is ideal for commercial showcases and digital signage, providing an exceptional visual experience.

23.6inch Round LCD Display
23.6inch Round LCD Display

29 inch Stretched Bar LCD Display:

With a distinctive ultra-wide bar design and a 29-inch screen size, this display is suitable for special scenarios such as retail stores and directional signage, delivering eye-catching display effects.

29 inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

30 inch OLED Wine Cooler:

Utilizing a 30-inch OLED display and advanced refrigeration technology, this wine cooler offers not only ideal temperature control for preserving wine’s optimal taste but also a smart and convenient wine storage experience by displaying temperature and humidity information on the OLED screen.

30 inch OLED Wine Cooler

33.2 inch Square LCD Display:

With a square design and a size of 33.2 inches, this display screen boasts excellent image quality and versatility, suitable for various scenarios, including advertising displays, information dissemination, and digital signage.

33.2 inch Square LCD Display

43 inch Double-side Display:

Featuring a double-sided design with a 43-inch screen size, this display can showcase content simultaneously in two directions, providing broader information communication and display possibilities. Suitable for retail, business displays, and public spaces.

43 inch Double-side Display

43inch High Brightness Indoor Digital Signage:

This digital signage employs high-brightness technology, ensuring clear visibility in various indoor environments. Suitable for retail, business, meeting rooms, and more, providing vivid and attention-grabbing information displays.

43inch High Brightness Indoor Digital Signage

47.6 inch Stretched LCD Display:

With its unique stretched design for a longer horizontal display, this screen is suitable for scenarios that require showcasing widescreen content. Designed to offer users a distinctive and eye-catching digital display solution for retail, billboards, exhibitions, and more.

47.6 inch Stretched LCD Display

65 inch HV series Interactive Flat Panel:

Belonging to the HV series, this product is designed to provide high interactivity and outstanding visual effects. Equipped with multi-touch technology and gesture support, it is suitable for education, corporate meetings, digital advertising, and various scenarios.

65 inch HV series Interactive Flat Panel

32inch Outdoor Digital Signage:

Tailored for outdoor environments with weather-resistant and waterproof features, ensuring stable operation in various climate conditions. Its high-brightness display and anti-glare technology ensure clear visibility even in strong sunlight.

32inch Outdoor Digital Signage

Whether your application scenarios include commercial complexes, creative displays, classroom teaching, conference presentations, exhibition displays, cultural and tourism experiences, or smart city development and security command, Yoda can provide you with excellent LED display solutions.

Yoda will further grasp the new trends in the global LED display industry, collaborating with partners both domestically and internationally to jointly explore more development opportunities!

Yoda-Exhibition invitation

Yoda invites you to visit Booth 6E520 in Hall 6

Welcome all customers and industry professionals

Join us for a technological fusion visual feast!

Looking forward to sharing Yoda’s latest achievements with you!

Exhibition Venue: Fira de Barcelona, Spain

Exhibition Dates: January 30 to February 2, 2024

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