Yoda at ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024: Digital Displays with Technology

Author:Yoda . 05/30/2024

We are pleased to announce that Yoda, a manufacturer of smart whiteboards and digital signage solutions, will be participating in ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024. The show will be held from June 6 to June 8 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. We cordially invite you to visit our booth: D14/16 to experience our latest interactive flat panels, vertical digital displays, wall-mounted digital signage, mobile smart screens and LCD monitors first-hand.

Yoda’s Innovative Product Range

At Yoda, we pride ourselves on providing advanced digital display solutions that enhance communication, collaboration and engagement across industries. Here are the details of the products we will be showcasing at ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024:

Interactive Flat Panels

Our Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) are designed to transform traditional meeting rooms and classrooms into dynamic, interactive environments. Equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen, the IFPs support multi-touch functionality, allowing multiple users to interact simultaneously. Key features include:

– Ultra HD display: Sharp visuals for an immersive viewing experience.
– Seamless connectivity: Multiple input options, including HDMI, USB, and wireless screen sharing.
– Enhanced collaboration: Built-in software supports real-time annotation and screen sharing.

– Rugged and durable: Designed for high-use environments.

Interactive Flat Panels

Vertical digital displays

Yoda’s vertical digital displays are perfect for businesses looking to make a big impact with digital signage. Suitable for retail stores, restaurants, and public spaces, this display stands out with its vertical orientation and vivid display quality. Features include:

– High brightness: Ensures visibility even in bright environments.
– Versatile content management: Easily update content with user-friendly software.
– Stylish design: Modern and sleek, it blends seamlessly into any decor.

– Durability: Designed for continuous use in busy areas.

Vertical digital displays

Wall-mounted digital signage

Our wall-mounted digital signage solutions are compact and space-saving, yet deliver information in a powerful way. These displays are ideal for a variety of applications, from corporate communications to public information systems. Highlights include:

– Full HD resolution: High-resolution displays capture attention.
– Easy installation: Simple wall-mounting system saves space.
– Remote management: Control and update content from anywhere via the internet.

– Energy-efficient: Low power consumption without compromising performance.

Wall-mounted digital signage

Mobile Smart Screens

Yoda’s mobile smart screens are the epitome of flexibility and convenience. Designed with mobility in mind, these screens can be easily moved and set up in different locations, perfect for events, exhibitions and dynamic office environments. Features include:

– Portable design: Built-in wheels and lightweight frame for easy transportation.
– Interactive touchscreen: Engage audiences with interactive presentations and content.
– Battery powered: No continuous power supply required, ensuring use in a variety of environments.

– Versatile connectivity: Supports a wide range of devices and connection types.

Mobile Smart Screens

LCD monitors

Our range of LCD monitors offers unparalleled clarity and performance for professional environments that demand high-quality displays. Whether it’s an office workstation, control room or creative studio, our LCD monitors deliver:

– High resolution: Provides crisp, detailed images for professional applications.
– Color Accuracy: True-to-life colors for graphic design, video editing, and more.
– Ergonomic Design: Adjustable stand and eye protection technology ensure comfortable use.

– Multiple Sizes: Available in different sizes to suit different needs and spaces.

LCD monitors

Why Visit Yoda’s Booth at ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024?

By visiting Yoda’s booth at ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to experience our innovative digital display solutions firsthand. Our team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate the features and benefits of our products, answer any questions you have, and discuss how Yoda can meet your specific needs.

Hands-On Demos

Experience our products up close with live demos. See how our interactive flat panels can enhance collaboration in the workplace or classroom, witness the amazing effects of our vertical digital displays, and explore the ease of use of our mobile smart screens.

Expert Consultation

Our professionals will provide personalized consultations to help you understand which Yoda products are best suited for your specific application needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current digital signage or implement a new interactive solution, we’re here to help.

Networking Opportunities

ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 is not only a place to showcase products, but also a great opportunity to build connections. Exchange ideas with industry peers and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Yoda looks forward to connecting with businesses and professionals who love innovative technologies.


ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 is one of the region’s top events focused on information and communication technology, telecommunications, electronics and digital services. It brings together leading companies, innovators and industry experts to showcase the latest trends and technologies. The event provides a unique platform for networking, knowledge exchange and business development.

We look forward to seeing you at ICTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 and exploring how Yoda’s innovative solutions can help you achieve your goals.

For more information on our products and solutions, please visit our website https://szyoda.com/ or contact us directly Mobile: +86-13723425043; Email: lindawu@szyoda.com. Contact us now

Join us and experience the digital display technology brought by Yoda!

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