LCD video wall monitors, lcd video wall displays

Main Application Scenarios of LCD video wall monitors

LCD video wall monitors is one of the popular mainstream products in the commercial display industry. We have more or less seen it in various scenes, but it is not clear what advantages it has in that place.

Large Corporate Conference Room

Before the LCD video wall, companies often used projectors for screen-casting meetings. The disadvantage of the projector is that the projection area is limited, and there are too many restrictions, need to have a projection cloth or white wall to project. LCD video wall, compared with the projector, is easy to operate, beautiful and clear.

LCD video wall monitors, lcd video wall displays

Video conference through LCD video wall, face to face communication and report by network video, to a certain extent improved the enthusiasm of participants, greatly improve the effect of the conference. LCD video wall supports a variety of display functions, it can synchronize input signals from multiple computers, to achieve synchronous display function, and that’s what the projection doesn’t have. LCD video wall can also be used to switch the display position at will to achieve the effect of full screen and split screen.

Application of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance involves many fields such as social property and security, from government units, enterprises and public places to staircases and corridors. As long as multiple monitoring pictures are connected to the whole LCD video wall, real-time monitoring of multiple places can be realized, saving manpower and material resources.

LCD video wall monitors, lcd video wall displays

LCD video wall as the final output terminal, it uses LCD processing technology. Through the industrial processing of the panel, so that it can meet the most basic requirements of continuous display on the boot. It can run steadily for tens of thousands of hours, and the after-sales rate is very low, which is also a big advantage of it.

At the same time, the integrated display effect of LCD video wall is better. The resolution of a single screen is 1920*1080, and the resolution can reach more than 4K after splicing, so it can clearly show the images taken by the surveillance camera, such as 2 million and 8 million pixel video images.

The Use of Exhibition Publicity

LCD video wall is often used in exhibitions. Users can display the use and advantages of the product, etc., through the LCD video wall, so that people can directly see the information of the product.

LCD video wall monitors, lcd video wall displays

Display and business promotion are an important part of the work of government departments, administrative organs, business enterprise and other functional organizations. The LCD video wall with narrow edge, high definition and long endurance can make all these easy to complete. Important information in work can be displayed and publicized in an illustrated way by using it.

After the splicing of several LCD screens, on the same platform, the information publicity of different plates can not only display the picture in a single screen, but also achieve the effect of multi-screen splicing enlarged image display. It is flexible and clear priorities, and fully display all important information, so that it is widely publicized.

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