CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 exhibition

Yoda will soon debut at the “CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024” exhibition and launch a new generation of smart whiteboards

Author:Yoda . 05/23/2024

We are very happy that Yoda will participate in the “CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024” exhibition in Vietnam from June 6 to 8, 2024. This exhibition is one of the most influential communications and technology exhibitions in Asia, bringing together technology companies and industry experts from all over the world. As a company committed to providing innovative smart whiteboard solutions, Yoda will showcase a variety of advanced products and launch a new generation of smart whiteboards.

  Exhibition overview

The “CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024” exhibition will be held at the Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City for three days. The exhibition aims to showcase the latest communication technologies, smart devices and digital solutions, and provide a platform for exchange and cooperation between exhibitors and visitors. This year’s exhibition is expected to attract tens of thousands of professional visitors and hundreds of exhibitors, covering multiple fields such as education, business, government and public services.

  Yoda booth highlights

In this exhibition, Yoda will display five star products at the booth (Booth No: D14/16), namely Interactive Flat Panel , Vertical Digital Display , Wall-mounted Digital Signage , Mobile Smart Screen  and LCD Monitor . These products not only achieve breakthroughs in technology, but also undergo comprehensive upgrades in user experience and functional design.

1. Interactive Flat Panel

    Yoda’s interactive tablet integrates high-precision touch technology and ultra-high-definition display, supports multi-touch and handwriting functions, and is suitable for conference rooms, classrooms and training centers. It has the characteristics of fast response, allowing users to easily present, annotate and collaborate, improving work efficiency and interactive experience.

CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 exhibition Interactive Flat Panel

2. Vertical Digital Display

    The vertical digital display has a unique design and is suitable for advertising, information display and public guidance. Its high brightness and high contrast ensure clear visibility under various light conditions, while supporting remote content management and multimedia playback, which greatly facilitates information release and management.

CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 exhibition  Vertical Digital Display

3. Wall-mounted Digital Signage

    Wall-mounted digital signage has become an ideal choice for commercial display and advertising with its simple and stylish design and powerful functions. It supports 4K ultra-high-definition display, has stable system performance and flexible content management functions, and can customize various display effects as needed to enhance brand image and user experience.

CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 Wall Mounted Digital Signage

4. Mobile Smart Screen

    Mobile smart screens are both portable and functional, and are suitable for all types of mobile office and on-site display needs. Its built-in battery and lightweight design allow users to present and communicate anytime and anywhere. It supports wireless connections and multi-device collaboration, making it the best choice for modern mobile offices.

CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 exhibition  screen mobile smart screen

5. LCD Monitor

    Yoda’s LCD monitors use advanced display technology to provide excellent color performance and clarity, making them suitable for a variety of professional application scenarios. Whether it is design, programming, daily office or monitoring display, it can provide users with a comfortable visual experience and an efficient working environment.


New generation smart whiteboard released

At this exhibition, Yoda will grandly launch a new generation of smart whiteboards. This smart whiteboard has been fully upgraded in both hardware and software, with higher resolution, faster response speed and smarter interactive functions. It not only supports multi-touch and handwriting input, but also adopts new screen technology: zero-fit technology. It can also automatically recognize and process a variety of input content, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and meetings.

Highlights of the new generation smart whiteboard include:

Ultra-high-definition display: Provides 4K resolution, the display effect is delicate and lifelike, and is suitable for various high-demand display and demonstration scenarios.
High-speed touch: Supports multi-touch and handwriting input, with faster response and smoother and more natural operation.
Zero lamination technology: Advanced zero lamination technology is used to seamlessly fit the screen and the touch panel, reducing light refraction and touch deviation, and improving touch accuracy and display effect.
Cloud integration: Supports cloud services to facilitate remote collaboration and data sharing, and allows users to access and manage files anytime and anywhere.

Easy to use: Friendly interface, simple operation, suitable for all types of user groups, improving user experience.

CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024 Interactive Flat Panel

  Reasons to visit the Yoda booth

The Yoda booth not only showcases the latest smart whiteboards and other innovative products, but also provides visitors with opportunities for personal experience and communication. Our technical experts will give demonstrations and explanations on site, answer visitors’ questions, and share the latest trends and technology developments in the industry. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in our interactive activities and win exquisite gifts and exclusive offers.


The “CTCOMM VIETNAM 2024” exhibition is an excellent opportunity to learn about and experience the latest technology products, and Yoda, as a brand in the field of smart whiteboards, will bring a new experience to visitors with innovative products and solutions. We sincerely invite all industry experts, business representatives and technology enthusiasts to visit our booth to discuss the future development of intelligent technology. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition to witness the release of Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard and more surprises.

Booth No: D14/16
Date: 06 – 08 Jun, 2024

Address: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Quận 7, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Please visit the Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City from June 6th to 8th, Yoda will be with you!Contact us now

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