Yoda's Third-Generation Interactive Flat Panel Launched

 Yoda’s Third-Generation Interactive Flat Panel Launched: The Perfect Combination of Precision and Eye Protection Technology

Author:Yoda . 06/6/2024

With continuous advancements in technology and the increasing demands in education and meetings, the interactive flat panel market has ushered in a new wave of innovation. As an industry-leading brand, Yoda proudly introduces its third-generation Interactive Whiteboard. This new product has achieved significant breakthroughs in touch precision, display technology, and design, offering users an unprecedented experience.

 Exceptional Touch Precision

The Yoda third-generation interactive flat panel boasts an impressive touch precision of ±1mm. This high-precision touch experience provides more accurate operations and smoother interactions, whether in teaching or meetings. Teachers can easily write and draw on the board, students can operate it precisely, and meeting participants can present and communicate more effectively. This high-precision touch technology is made possible by Yoda’s continuous innovation and optimization in both hardware and software.

 Yoda's Third-Generation Interactive Flat Panel Launched

 Pen Lift Distance Controlled Within ≤1mm

To enhance the writing experience, the Yoda third-generation Interactive Whiteboard has controlled the pen lift distance within ≤1mm. This design allows users to enjoy a more natural and smooth experience while writing and drawing, avoiding delays and inaccuracies caused by excessive pen lift distance. Whether it’s delicate strokes or fast writing, the Yoda interactive flat panel can perfectly meet all needs.

 Zero-Bonding Technology and Blue Light Eye Protection Technology

In terms of display, the Yoda third-generation interactive flat panel adopts advanced zero-bonding technology. This technology seamlessly bonds the touch layer with the display layer, reducing light refraction and reflection, and improving display clarity and brightness, thus providing a superior visual experience. Additionally, to protect users’ eyesight, the Yoda interactive flat panel features blue light eye protection technology. Blue light is a potential threat to eye health, and prolonged exposure can cause eye fatigue and even vision loss. Yoda reduces harmful blue light radiation by optimizing the display’s spectral output, ensuring that users’ eyes remain comfortable and healthy during prolonged use.

 Thoughtful Design and Customization Support

In terms of design, the Yoda third-generation Interactive Whiteboard has also put in considerable effort. The sleek and stylish design not only meets the aesthetic needs of modern office environments and classrooms but can also be customized according to specific user requirements. Whether it’s color, material, or size, Yoda offers a variety of options to meet different users’ personalized needs. This customization service makes the Yoda interactive flat panel not just an efficient tool, but also a beautiful artwork that can perfectly integrate into any environment.

 Versatile Applications of Yoda Interactive Flat Panel

The Yoda third-generation Interactive Whiteboard is not only innovative in hardware but also excels in software features. It supports multi-touch, allowing multiple users to write and operate simultaneously, greatly enhancing classroom interaction and meeting efficiency. Built-in teaching and meeting tools, such as electronic whiteboards, screenshots, and audio-video recording functions, make teaching and meetings more convenient and efficient. Additionally, the Yoda interactive flat panel supports wireless screen mirroring, allowing the seamless projection of content from computers, tablets, and smartphones onto the panel, facilitating freer interaction and presentation.

 Intelligent Management and Remote Collaboration

In terms of intelligent management, the Yoda third-generation interactive flat panel offers a wealth of remote management and collaboration features. By connecting to the network, users can remotely control and manage the panel, perform software updates and maintenance, greatly easing the work of IT managers. Meanwhile, the remote collaboration feature allows team members located in different places to communicate and collaborate in real time through the panel, breaking geographical limitations and enhancing work efficiency and team collaboration.

 Green and Energy-Saving Design

Yoda is committed to green and energy-saving design, and the third-generation Interactive Whiteboard excels in this regard as well. It uses low-power display technology to reduce energy consumption while ensuring high-quality display effects. Made with environmentally friendly materials, it minimizes environmental impact, aligning with the sustainable development goals of modern enterprises and educational institutions.


The launch of the Yoda third-generation Interactive Whiteboard not only marks another leap in Yoda’s interactive flat panel technology but also brings users a more precise, comfortable, and intelligent experience. From touch precision and eye protection technology to design and customization services, the Yoda interactive flat panel demonstrates its strong technical strength and deep understanding of user needs in every aspect. Whether in education or business meetings, the Yoda third-generation Interactive Whiteboard will become an indispensable assistant, ensuring the success of every interaction and communication.

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