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Yoda’s latest smart whiteboard: v3.0 version newly upgraded

Author:Yoda . 05/015/2024

Today, with the rapid development of technology, smart whiteboards have become an indispensable tool in education, business meetings and other fields. As a company dedicated to the R&D and production of smart whiteboards, Yoda has always been pursuing the ultimate in technological innovation and user experience. Today, we are very happy to introduce to you the latest smart whiteboard launched by Yoda. This product has been comprehensively improved in all aspects and strives to provide users with an unprecedented user experience.

Zero lamination technology: clear picture quality and smooth operation

Yoda’s latest smart whiteboard uses advanced zero-adhesion technology, which effectively reduces light reflection and improves the transparency and clarity of the screen by seamlessly attaching the display to the touch layer. Whether in a classroom or a conference room, users can enjoy a clearer and more natural display. In addition, the zero-fit technology also greatly improves the touch accuracy to reach ±1mm touch accuracy and ≤1mm height sensitivity, making writing and operation smoother and smoother.

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Eye protection and anti-blue light: take care of your eye health

The damage to the eyes caused by prolonged use of electronic devices cannot be ignored. In order to protect the user’s visual health, Yoda smart whiteboard has specially added an eye protection and anti-blue light function. By filtering harmful blue light, this technology can effectively reduce eye fatigue and damage caused by watching screens for long periods of time. Whether teachers use it for a long time in class, or corporate employees discuss for a long time in meetings, Yoda smart whiteboards can provide a more comfortable and healthy visual environment.

High configuration: smooth operation, multi-tasking

In order to meet users’ needs for high performance, Yoda smart whiteboard is equipped with a high-configuration combination of 4/8GB running memory and 64/128GB storage memory. The powerful memory configuration not only ensures the smooth operation of the system, but also can easily cope with the needs of multi-tasking. Whether it’s to quickly launch an application or perform complex presentation editing, the Yoda smart whiteboard can do the job with ease. In addition, the large-capacity storage space also allows users to conveniently store large amounts of teaching materials, conference files and multimedia content, further improving the efficiency of work and study.
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8Ω 20W*2 integrated dual speakers: shocking sound effects, immersive

In order to provide a better audio experience, Yoda smart whiteboard has built-in 8Ω 20W*2 integrated dual speakers. This pair of high-quality speakers can bring shocking sound effects. Whether playing videos in class or giving presentations in meetings, users can enjoy clear, full and layered sound. Excellent sound quality performance not only improves the user experience, but also effectively enhances the communication effect of the content.

Unique appearance design: beautiful and practical, showing taste

Yoda smart whiteboards not only focus on improving internal performance, but also pay great attention to the beauty and practicality of the exterior design. After careful design and repeated polishing, Yoda smart whiteboard shows a unique appearance that is simple yet elegant. The high-end materials and exquisite craftsmanship make it not only a useful tool for work and study, but also a beautiful work of art that can be integrated into various indoor environments of different styles to highlight the user’s taste and style.
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Support customization: meet individual needs

In order to better meet the personalized needs of different users, Yoda smart whiteboards also support customized services. Whether it is a school, business or other institution, you can customize the smart whiteboard according to your actual needs. From hardware configuration to software functions to appearance design, Yoda can provide flexible customization solutions to ensure that every user can get the smart whiteboard product that best suits them.

Yoda’s latest smart whiteboard features newly upgraded zero-adhesion technology, eye protection and anti-blue light function, high-configuration memory, integrated dual speakers and unique appearance design, committed to providing users with the best experience. At the same time, flexible customization services also enable it to meet the needs of various users. Whether you are an educator, business manager, or a professional in other fields, Yoda smart whiteboard will become your right assistant in work and study. Choose Yoda, choose wisdom and innovation, and open a new chapter in intelligent office and education. Contact us now

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