Flat panel market, interactive flat panel

100 Billion Market Value of the King of Panels – BOE

From the desolate and ruined 28 years ago to the “king of panels” with a market value of 100 billion now, BOE’s journey along the way can be regarded as a ups and downs. BOE’s rise has also helped the booming growth of China’s panel industry, making China to be the world’s largest market in panel shipments.

Flat panel market, interactive flat panel

Recently BOE also announced its performance forecast for the first half of 2021, among which the most eye-catching is that BOE’s net profit in the first half of the year is expected to be 12.5-12.7 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 1001%-1018%. Despite the impact of the epidemic last year, many enterprises achieved impressive growth in the first half of 2021, but BOE’s growth is also solid.

Flat panel market, interactive flat panel

A 10-fold increase. Why?

The reasons why BOE can achieve 10 times the growth rate in the first half of 2021, can be divided into two aspects: internal and external.

Flat panel market, interactive flat panel

The external reason is that the panel market continues to improve, ensuring a stable market for BOE. Sales of TVs, monitors, mobile phones and tablets have continued to rise since last year due to a combination of the Stay at Home Economic and fiscal stimulus.

Moreover, due to the continuous strong market demand and the shortage of driving IC and other raw materials, the supply continues to be tight. The whole industry is in short supply, and BOE’s prices of some products also rise, which contributes to BOE’s performance growth.

Flat panel market, interactive flat panel

In addition, the gradual withdrawal of large manufacturers such as Samsung and LG from the LCD panel market has also opened up a large market and opportunities for domestic players such as BOE and TCL. Moreover, color TV products are experiencing an explosion in overseas markets, which also stimulates the market demand for LCD panels, further bringing BOE’s performance growth.

The internal reason is that BOE’s production line is increasing, and capacity is being released. With the market is growing, demand is releasing, and what companies want to make a profit is high quality products. BOE has a number of mature panel production lines, in the past time has been kept full production and sales, to ensure the stability of its own basic plate.

BOE has always been in a leading position in terms of market share, and under the scale effect, BOE’s advantages in LCD market are continuously expanding.

According to the data of third-party research institutions, BOE ranked first in the world in the first half of 2021 in display shipments in five application fields, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors and TVS, and the market share of flexible screens ranked first in the domestic industry and second in the world. In addition, the market share of vehicle display panels above 8 inches will continue to be the world’s first.

The panel market will be upgraded again

Of course, this kind of innovation is not only BOE needs to pay attention to, the whole domestic panel market needs to pay attention to these aspects of innovation. With the continuous implementation of innovative measures, the domestic panel market will also usher in another growth.

After all, screens are the most ubiquitous medium for displaying content in our daily lives today and are one of the key gateways to the future of Internet of Everything and IOT, which will play an important role in our future development. This also shows that the upgrade of the panel market is very necessary, and the next stage of the panel market is also reflected in the following aspects.

Flat panel market, interactive flat panel

One is high refinement. In the future, whether in the use demand or scene, there is a more refined trend, which puts forward more refined requirements for consumer electronics products, upstream panel manufacturers also need to deal with this refined trend. In addition, the ultimate destination of scientific and technological development is service life, and now consumers are paying more and more attention to improving the quality of life, which makes the panel market in the future have to be refined and upgraded.

The second is high technology. For the panel technology concentrated industry, higher and more sophisticated technology innovation is always the goal. Whether it is the breakthrough of 4K, 8K and other cutting-edge technologies, or the practical innovation of lighter, thinner and lower power consumption, all have become the key development object of the high-tech development of panel.

The third is high quality quantification. The development of cutting-edge technology ensures the improvement of life that technology can provide, while the improvement of quality ensures that these improvements can truly be implemented to serve life. In addition, with the trend of consumption upgrading more obvious, consumers will have a higher pursuit of product quality, which will also make high-quality panel products have greater space for development.

Through the growth of these levels, the trinity ensures the growth of the overall panel market and releases more convenience for consumer life. BOE needs to participate in the growth of the whole market, and the joint action of industry participants is the key to the sustained prosperity of the whole industry.

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