New retail models, intelligent interactive display system

New Retail Models Replaced the Traditional Shelves

With the rise of e-commerce platforms, online shopping shows are more and more popular and there are many channels to sell goods.

In contrast, in the current retail stores, there is a large fluidity of purchase guides, complex composition of various products, and rapid market update and iteration. As a result, the professional ability of purchase guides is not hard enough, it is difficult to recruit and train them, and their expressions after training are not clear and complete.

With the increasing number of new models, the rent cost is also getting higher and higher. For store management, personnel, products, costs and services are interlinked. If the store is careless, the brand reputation and customer loyalty will be greatly damaged.

New retail models, intelligent interactive display system

What is intelligent interactive display System?

As more and more problems with the traditional retail model are exposed, this intelligent interactive display system solution is born. What can it do?

The intelligent interactive display system is composed of Digital signage, Intelligent booth, Intelligent information terminal and Cloud service management platform. Triggered by different interactions with customers, the AD machine will automatically play product introduction videos and graphics, and can be interrupted at any time. Through videos and pictures, customers can intuitively feel the characteristics of the product, the effect of makeup before and after comparison, but also can bring customers full sense of security and privacy. Businesses only need to make the product corresponding publicity materials, to a certain extent instead of the position of the purchase guide. 

According to the different application scenarios we can match different sizes of digital signagestretched bar LCD display is more suitable for installation in the shopping mall or supermarket shelves, railway stations, subway, exhibition hall and other places. So, if you want to show more area and more clarity, you can use the Square Screen LCD Display, which is more vivid and diverse.

built-in cloud shelf system

The built-in cloud shelf system can display more products without changing the business area. Combined with the e-commerce shopping mode, you only need to call the management personnel to pick up the goods from the warehouse to create a perfect combination of the richness of online shopping and the authenticity of offline shopping. It also helps businesses save money. The system can also automatically record the viewing times and time of each product to analyze consumers’ purchasing behavior, providing a strong basis for enterprises to make business decisions.

New retail models, intelligent interactive display system

The intelligent interactive display system can help beauty shops, cosmetic shops, supermarkets, Clothing & Fabric, exhibition hall, decoration building materials shops and other application scenarios of shelf configuration. Through different sizes of advertising machines, different trigger modes to activate the product publicity screen, so that those abstract concepts that are difficult to describe in words vividly show in front of customers. It can also record the product use tutorial, trial effect and other pictures, so that customers can get an immersive shopping experience, and then promote consumption. On the software management platform, it supports synchronous remote management of multiple intelligent information terminals, configuration of videos and pictures of exhibits on various exhibition shelves, viewing statistics and so on.

YODA invites the world’s commercial display businesses to work together to provide display system solutions for retail brands that are beset by three problems: high cost of opening a shop, difficult to recruit and train employees, and difficult to display products with small business area. YODA will provide the most complete integrated software and hardware services, marketing strategy planning, high quality products and services.

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