smart digital billboard, digital menu board

Using Digital Signage to Build a Perfect Restauranta

Smart Digital Billboard

How can an inadvertent picture, video or music stop the rushing crowd on the street with people coming and going. We can easily achieve this with a smart digital billboard. Through the dishes and promotional activities displayed on the LCD smart digital billboard, customers can more clearly understand the features of the restaurant. Moreover, the smart digital billboard can provide more effect display for the dishes, playing content, video, picture, text mixed playback, full-format high-definition video decoding, 1080P high-definition + display screen, product introduction in different ways, vivid image and easier to attract customer. There are three working modes: timing management, normally open, normally closed and time switch. Choosing the time switch mode can realize the independent operation of the equipment without too much manual management. Moreover, the smart digital billboard has a hydraulic support on the back, which can be convenient for merchants to move. When the flow of people changes, the business can adjust the position of the digital signage player attract more people.

smart digital billboard, digital menu board

The smart digital billboard not only has a good promotion effect, but the promotion cost is also much lower than that of paper media. Paper media not only wastes a lot of flyers and posters in publicity, but also needs to reprint each time the product is changed. The smart digital billboard is different, the smart digital billboard can be used multiple times. Every time only needs to update the content on the cloud platform. In addition, the smart digital billboard can also display the information that the business wants to display, such as the promotion of member day, the push of new products, etc., which can all be presented on the smart digital billboard.

Digital Menu Board

smart digital billboard, digital menu board

There are more and more chain stores in the catering industry. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve this feature of advertising, because the traditional solid-state advertising column is not vivid and makes customers feel boring and meaningless. Promote the food types of catering advertisers with the help of LCD advertising machines. All kinds of recipe names and foods will be divided into categories, arranged neatly one by one in order and clear. Naturally, customers can eat happily and at ease. The catering industry uses this advertising platform to naturally highlight its unique advantages and features with other restaurants. It can attract customers’ attention even more.

1. Digital menu board are generally placed in stores and broadcast some healthy food culture information. Provide customers with nutritious food pairing, so that customers have a better dining experience.

2.Make videos or exquisite animations that attract customers, instead of traditional leaflets, to activate customers’ desire to consume, and to make the information that needs to be disseminated more comprehensive and more specific.

3. Taking advantage of people’s dependence on video in the new era, broadcasting real-time discount information is more attractive than traditional paper propaganda methods, saving labor costs and achieving significant advertising benefits.

With the reduction of costs, more and more restaurants are beginning to realize the return on investment brought by the application of advertising machines. For them, this is a brand-new operating model.

Self-service Ordering Kiosk

The menu, as a silent salesman of a restaurant, is an instruction to show customers the corporate culture, food features and skill level. Some people say that a menu represents the level of an operator. Those who are knowledgeable only need to look at the level of the menu to know whether the owner of this restaurant knows how to do business.

Only well-designed text and perfect pictures can present a menu that allows customers to have a perfect experience and willing to order instead of taking ordering as a burden. A good menu can not only make customers feel good about the catering company and enhance their impression, but also produce a certain advertising effect and increase the economic benefits of the company. Its role and importance are self-evident.

smart digital billboard, digital menu board

Self-service ordering kiosk can optimize the core process of dining

· Improve the turnover rate and save 15-20 minutes of meal time on average

· Reduce labor costs by nearly 30%

· Increase operating income by nearly 30%

· Menu settings can be adjusted at any time according to consumer preferences, reducing the cost of menu production

It saves expenses for the restaurant and also improves the efficiency of the restaurant. One management server can centrally manage dishes of the restaurant. Besides, it can change the dish information at any time, including pictures, prices, and taste practices, etc.  And the updated information will be automatically updated to the self-service ordering kiosk.

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