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Yoda’s latest generation smart whiteboards launched

Author:Yoda . 05/21/2024

As a core tool for modern education and enterprise collaboration, the development of smart whiteboard technology has always been the focus of market attention. Today, Yoda Company officially released the latest generation of smart whiteboards. This is not only a leap in technology, but also a new upgrade in user experience. Compared with the previous generation of products, Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard has been comprehensively improved in terms of touch accuracy, writing sensitivity, display technology and appearance design.

Ultra-high touch accuracy and writing sensitivity

In terms of touch and writing experience, Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard has reached the industry-leading level. The touch accuracy of the latest generation of products has been improved to ±1mm, which means that users can experience unprecedented precision and smoothness whether writing or operating. For educators and business professionals, this level of precision ensures that every detail of classes and meetings is accurately presented and recorded.

Writing sensitivity has also been significantly improved, reaching ≤1mm. This high sensitivity allows the user’s every writing movement to be quickly and accurately recognized and presented, as if they were writing on real paper. Whether taking quick notes or detailed drawings, Yoda smart whiteboards can provide a silky and smooth writing experience, greatly improving users’ work efficiency and user experience.

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Zero lamination technology and eye protection anti-blue light display

In terms of display technology, Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard adopts advanced zero-fit technology. This technology can not only reduce screen reflection and improve display effects, but also enhance the accuracy and speed of touch response. Through zero-adhesion technology, the display content is clearer and more realistic, and whether it is text, charts or pictures, it can present high-quality visual effects.

In addition, in order to protect users’ eyesight, Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard applies eye protection and anti-blue light technology on the screen. Long-term use of electronic screens may cause damage to the eyes, especially in educational and business environments where long-term use of smart whiteboards is unavoidable. Eye protection and anti-blue light technology effectively filters harmful blue light, reduces eye fatigue, protects users’ eye health, and allows users to still feel comfortable after long-term use.

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Unique design and personalization

In terms of appearance design, Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard is significantly different from other products on the market. Yoda has specially designed a unique appearance for it, making it not only powerful but also stylish and beautiful, and can integrate well into various usage environments. Whether in a modern classroom or a high-end conference room, Yoda smart whiteboard can become an eye-catching highlight.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different users, Yoda also provides product customization services. Users can choose different sizes, colors and functional configurations according to their own needs to create their own smart whiteboard. Personalized customization services not only improve the applicability of the product, but also allow each user to have a unique experience.

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Comprehensive improvement of user experience

The launch of Yoda’s new generation smart whiteboard will undoubtedly bring all-round improvements to users. From significant improvements in touch accuracy and writing sensitivity, to high-quality displays with zero-adhesion technology and eye protection and anti-blue light, to unique design and personalized customization services, Yoda has proven with practical actions that it can improve users’ use. Smart whiteboard experience, continuous optimization and technology upgrades.

The new generation of smart whiteboards is not only suitable for the education industry, but also very suitable for collaboration and presentation in business environments. For teachers, it can provide more efficient teaching tools to help students better understand and master knowledge. For enterprises, it can improve meeting efficiency and promote team collaboration and innovation.



The release of Yoda’s latest generation smart whiteboard marks another leap in Yoda’s smart whiteboard technology. With excellent touch accuracy, writing sensitivity, zero-stick display technology, unique appearance design and personalized customization services, Yoda smart whiteboards meet the diverse needs of users.

Yoda has always been committed to bringing users the best experience through innovative and high-quality products. The advent of a new generation of smart whiteboards is a reflection of Yoda’s continuous pursuit of excellence and self-transcendence. In the future, Yoda will continue to explore more possibilities of smart technology and provide users with more and better products and services.

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