R&D and innovation are the life of yoda

Starting from demand, create products that satisfy the market and customers, thereby enhancing Yoda’s core competitiveness.

Continuous investment

Fixed annual investment of 5% in sales revenue for R&D and talent team building.

Display driver technology

It can improve the response speed of the display, reduce energy consumption, improve stability, etc.

Structural Design

Optimize the appearance, heat dissipation performance, earthquake resistance, etc. of the product, improve the overall performance of the product, and improve the stability and durability of the product.

Environmental protection and energy saving

Use environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving designs to reduce product energy consumption and environmental impact.

Software Design

Realize intelligent and multi-functional interactive technology, customized interfaces, and intelligent control functions to enhance the user experience of the product.

Patent certification and honors

yoda continues to strengthen its self-research capabilities. So far, it has accumulated more than 100 patents, test reports, software publications, honors, etc.