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Digitalized Classrooms: The Magic of Yetronic smart boards for classrooms

Author:Yoda . 02/20/2024

In the current era of digitization, the field of education is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, with smart boards emerging as a core element in digital classrooms. Yetronic, as a supplier, plays a pivotal role with its innovative smart board solutions, offering a unique educational experience for both students and teachers.

Smart boards for Classrooms Features

A. Touchscreen Technology

   1. Multi-touch and gesture recognition: Supports multiple students operating on the board simultaneously, enhancing interactivity.

   2. Real-time interaction and feedback: Instant student feedback assists teachers in adjusting teaching methods and pace.

B. Digital Writing and Drawing

   1. Precision writing with electronic whiteboard pens: Offers a writing experience similar to traditional whiteboards while allowing for the saving and sharing of written content.

   2. Visual teaching tools: Utilizes the whiteboard for visualizing mathematical graphs, scientific experiments, and other subject matter.

smartboards for classrooms

C. Multimedia Integration

   1. Video and audio playback: Enhances the learning atmosphere by playing inspirational teaching videos.

   2. Image and document display: Presents images and documents in a more engaging way, sparking students’ interest in learning.

D. Cloud Connectivity and Sharing

   1. Real-time collaboration between students and teachers: Facilitates student collaboration, enabling real-time sharing of learning achievements.

   2. Cloud storage and resource sharing: Stores teaching resources for easy and remote access, improving teaching efficiency.

Advantages of Smart boards for Classrooms in Teaching

Smart boards exhibit advantages in teaching, not only in terms of interactivity and multimedia integration but also through unique benefits across different educational stages and scenarios.

A. Primary and Secondary Education

1. Interactive learning and resource sharing: Smart boards create an interactive and fun learning environment through multi-touch and gesture recognition. Teachers can easily create interactive classrooms, fostering student engagement. The real-time interactive features on the board enable students to actively participate, ask questions, and share insights, promoting collaboration among students.

2. Presentation and review of subject knowledge: Utilizing the digital writing and drawing functionalities, teachers can vividly present mathematical formulas, scientific experiments, and other subject knowledge. Students can make real-time annotations and records on the board, deepening their understanding of the subject. Additionally, the content on the board can be saved and shared, facilitating students’ review at home and enhancing learning effectiveness.

smartboards for classrooms

B. Higher Education

1. Interactive seminars and lectures: In higher education, smartboards serve as powerful tools in seminars and lectures. Teachers can showcase complex research content on the board, guiding students in in-depth discussions. Students can use electronic whiteboard pens for real-time annotations and questions, fostering academic exchange and making the courses more engaging.

2. Project presentations and real-time feedback: During project presentations, smartboards provide a clear display platform for students. Students can use multimedia integration features to showcase project outcomes, including images, videos, and documents. Teachers and classmates can provide real-time feedback, promoting project improvement and sharing academic achievements.


Yetronic’s smart boards play a crucial role in the development of digitalized classrooms, bringing unprecedented innovation to education through their unique features. From enhanced interactivity to innovative teaching tools and multimedia integration, to cloud connectivity, smart boards demonstrate outstanding value in various educational settings, including primary and secondary education, higher education, and corporate training. Yetronic continues to drive the development of smart board technology, providing more innovative and personalized solutions for the digitization of education, leading the way towards a more intelligent, interactive, and creative future. Contact us now

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